What is JEPEGE

JEPEGE (or JPG) stands for JakartE PunyE GayE.
In English we simply translate it “Jakarta has its style!” Carrying the tagline with the positive meaning of ” Irresistible Jakarta!”, Jepege is committed to explore everything about Jakarta and creatively transform it into appealing information and well-designed products.

JEPEGE is aimed to be an icon of tourism in Jakarta,
with positioning as a unique souvenir of Jakarta. Inspiration of JEPEGE came from the success story of similar product from Yogyakarta and Bali. Which has become an icon of tourism in their cities. Now, Jepege is ready to become an icon of tourism in Jakarta!

JEPEGE always shows the identity, love, and pride to the city.
Speaking of identity, Jepege logo is a silhouette image of the top of National Museum, which represents a peak and the city itself. The color surrounding JEPEGE label is orange. The orange color was chosen to illustrate the strength and warmth of the people of Jakarta. As a clothing tribute to jakarta, in addition to creative design and aesthetic aspects, Jepege always puts positive messages about the city. Eurther more, each design of JEPEGE has each own “story”.